Heartwarming Visioning and Collage!

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Our visioning and collage session began with a quiet moment to think about all the things in our life that we are grateful for, then jotted a few of these down whike Russell read a poem, getting us in the mood for creating our beautiful vision boards.

After sharing our visioning ideas, we were able to let our creative imaginations run free, spurred on by Henrietta’s guidance, magazine images, sparkly paper, stickers and inspiring quotes and much more.

Some of us chose pictures that made us feel good and represented all things we were grateful for or loved, others chose images and words to create more of what they wanted to bring into their life. Equally this session was used to express sad feelings of events that have happened as a way of processing these events.

I felt so content and warmed by this experience, nothing beats the feeling of choosing uplifting images and words that perfectly suit your vision, expressions or feelings -it was one very special session and which we would love to do again!

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