Heartspace Outing


A short taxi ride and we were there in the beautiful surroundings of Earnley grange . Situated in the gardens is a very homely yet stylish café ‘Smoked and Chard’.

We were treated  to rich and tasty butternut soup and  warming homemade bread followed by delicious fruity cakes, all  made by the talented Celia Parker (proprietor) The gentle tones of Lynney Freeflow playing her saxophone could be heard circulating these stunning grounds .

New friends were made and extra effort to try new things from those that find social situations difficult, proving this to be a caring, friendly and trusting group .

We are heartened by everyone’s comments, feel it was a great success and look forward to another outing in March next year.


“Wow Katrina – super company, super music, super soup! All this and more. Thank you so much for a great day and thank you for HeartSpace” (Laurie, HeartSpace participant).

“Smoked and chard visit was really enjoyable – with a good atmosphere – food was excellent and the saxophone played by Lynney added to the good feeling and friendliness throughout, can’t finish without a sincere thanks to all the very kind people who arranged it all , particularly Katrina” (Marjorie)