Heartspace Beach Art


The beach art session eventually got under way after the discovery that we had lost the key which set back the time schedule! A few stressed moments (or was it blind panic?!) and we were still unpacking/setting up aseveryone happily strolled through the doors!

Despite the sketchy start we couldn’t wait to get stuck in! We were spoilt for choice with beach art materials: wood panels and drift wood, interesting sea shells and smooth green beach glass, not to mention colourful paints, stencils and the hot glue gun!

We allowed ourselves to be drawn by colour and shapes. Everyone’s pieces were so different and totally unique. We welcomed new people and after some introductions we set to! This varied group was guided by Nancy Froud who is an expert colour-mixing whizz! Her gentle patient voice could be heard encouraging and advising people around the room as they created their beautiful expressive pieces .

We all went home with our own creations with some saying how relaxed and happy they felt at the end. Definitely one to do again was the general consensus.