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Mono Printing

Some more wonderful creations produced by Heartspace members, this time by using Mono Printing techniques - rolling paint on to a glass plate, scribing an…

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Silk Painting

Starting with a simple outline design set out on silk, paintings were created from a combination of favourite pictures and the wonderful imaginations of our…

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Beach Art

Using a collection of driftwood, seashells, slate, flotsam and jetsam our visitors to our Beach Art session created some wonderful ornaments and artworks, inspired by…

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Painting Bunting

A relaxed session producing colourful bunting by painting on canvas, using personal effects or items supplied by Heartspace, as inspiration.  All the bunting triangles will be…

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Peg Loom Weaving

A relaxing afternoon making chunky, colourful yarns in to scarves and mitts.  Easy to learn and quick to pick up, whole scarves were being produced…

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Creative Writing

Our Creative Writing session was deliciously creative, inviting and encouraging to everyone, both for those that think they can write and those who think that…

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Lunch and Open Day

Our Lunch and Open Day included singing and dancing, fun and laughter, a display of arts and crafts produced at Heartspace sessions in recent months…

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