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Lunch and Open Day

Our Lunch and Open Day included singing and dancing, fun and laughter, a display of arts and crafts produced at Heartspace sessions in recent months…

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Fun with Photography

Jenny ran a great session to introduce people to the great features available on smartphones to be able to create imaginative and interesting photographs using…

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Vision Boards

Before working on visions for the future, we were encouraged to think of things we were grateful for - an emotional experience for some.  Those…

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Bunting Painting

A very special morning painting on canvas bunting, with individual expression shown in each pieces created and many of them reflecting colours and patterns worn…

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Harp Playing for Fun

A lovely session of Harp Playing this morning, led by From the Harp.  It's amazing - from never having touched a harp before to creating relaxing,…

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Felt with imagination

A colourful afternoon creating our own felt pieces using nature for inspiration.  Lots of hot water and plenty of agitation movement combined with our own…

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Silk Painting

Some beautifully creative pieces emerged from the hands of this week's visitors as they stretched silk on to embroidery hoops, traced designs either from simple…

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