About Heartspace

Activities to bring our community together!

The first thing to know about Heartspace is that all adults in our community are welcome to come along to any of our activities and make full use of your creativity to produce something valuable and  uniquely yours.

Remember that if we are painting you don’t have to be Constable to turn up – you just need to be willing to give it a go.  Remember we do have facilitators along who will help you turn that creativity into a reality.

The second thing is that we believe everyone is creative so we provide creative activities that have been shown to stimulate your mind and contribute to your well-being.

To make all this happen we like to provide a safe environment where you are free to develop your creativity and self expression so you can participate fully in the activities and walk out of the door at the end of the session with a sense of accomplishment and wellbeing.

Group Art
Wow Katrina - super company, super music, super soup! All this and more. Thank you so much for a great day and thank you for HeartSpace.

We’ve talked of community – what do we mean by that?

It means to us that we spread the spirit of Heartspace throughout the area, that we support the local community by offering up this space where people can meet and get to know one another through these warm and friendly session and we would hope they will support us in our endeavours, whether this is by volunteering their time to help us run the sessions or by helping us in fundraising activities.

We like to support our local businesses by spending with them where possible, and we would hope they will support us in donations of food or arts materials, etc.

We would  also like to link up with other community groups.  Together we could be better able to serve our community.

We consider our community to be the Manhood Peninsular but if your not from these parts your assured of a warm welcome.

We started with a vision which became a reality so let’s sprinkle some magic dust  for our next vision.

We’d like our own building where we could display all of your creativity ,store all  the arts materials  and you could drop in any time rather than be confined to just 2 sessions a month.

It might be nice if we had a nice peaceful garden where you could stroll and become even more relaxed and creative. We’d grow a few veggies there so we could feed you to.

Contact us and tell us your vision!


Our Vision

The heart behind Heartspace

We believe that every human being has the right to good mental health and wellbeing.

By coming together in a group setting and engaging in activities that enable us to connect to ourselves and each other, Heartspace aims to combat social isolation and contribute to the self-esteem, wellbeing and good mental health of the individual while encouraging the development of a community spirit.


What are our aims?

The purpose of Heartspace

  • To be inclusive to all adults
  • To contribute to the well being of the community
  • To offer creative activities
  • To improve physical and mental health
  • To offer a safe space for expression
  • To improve the quality of life of those participating
  • To demonstrate that you can do it!
  • To support and be supported by the community
  • To support and be supported by local businesses
  • To work with other community based groups where appropriate